Zeigler Custom Glass Crafters
Zeigler Custom Glass Crafters
Central Kentucky’s premier Stained Glass Studio and Retail

Zeigler Custom Glass Crafters has made a name of excellence in stained and fusible glass in the Central Kentucky area. For 12 years, our studio has had a reputation of quality, originality, and innovation in our custom commissioned jobs, as well as repairs. With a wide variety of mediums, mediums and creative visions, we have realized some of the most beautiful pieces throughout the years. We truly have a passion for all things stained glass, as it allows one to paint with light.

In addition to custom commissions and repairs, we offer a wide variety of classes. We put together the curriculum for our classes with a variety of skill levels in mind, from the beginning enthusiast to the master craftsman. We aim to cater to your creativity and to share the beauty that is stained glass.

Photography courtesy of Sam Noelscher, Zig Zeigler, Mike Noelscher.


Our People

Our team is comprised of a knowledgable creative and marketing team. With 12 years of experience, we are well established and a respected artistic institution in the central Kentucky area.


Our Craft

We offer many medias within the field of stained glass and are enthusiastic about manipulating them in such a way that the customer’s vision is realized. Additionally, we offer classes to share the art we love so much. Check out our classes page today!